Thank You for your interest in our unique Astro-Weather feature.

The astrological weather you see below is constantly changing. The interpretation of the applying moon below can change several times a day, and the interpretation of the Sun changes daily. Other planets change less often.

These 'applying' aspects listed below are the aspects which are still coming into being, they are the next aspects to happen. These applying aspects are thought to have the most powerful influence on the current moment. If a planet is not going to make another aspect before it moves into a new sign, then that planet is said to be 'void' and it's effect is of diminished importance for the time being. Except for the moon, void planets are not listed below.

Be sure to come back and consult this page when you need advice on whether the time is right to begin your important undertakings.


Here is the Current Astro Chart:

June 16 2021
4:23 AM Time Zone is EDT
New York,NY

Applying Moon Trine Uranus
This time favors social experimentation, novelty, gambling, and other forms of risk taking. People are more easily excited now.

Applying Mercury Trine Saturn
This is a good time for careful negotiations and patience in bringing matters to completion. Authority figures may need to make decisions and engage in serious communications.

Applying Venus Trine Neptune
This transit stimulates artistic creativity, spiritual inclinations, and romantic interests. Rules and restrictions are relaxed and there is compassion for the less fortunate.

Applying Mars Opposite Saturn
Tensions are rising. Forceful urges collide with legal structures. This abrasive transit often coincides with cooperation problems, serious conflicts, and accidents. At worst, fighting or warfare erupts or spreads, errors are made, natural and man-made disasters occur, and controversy flares. Patience and restraint are very much needed now.

Jupiter void in Pisces
Moral and legal matters assume prominence and are used to justify broad-sweeping actions. Decisions that have required long and careful thought, or have been dragged out, are finally made. Growth trends reach a peak or a set of limits. This may be a time to sell, or buy, depending on where trends have been leading. Confidence is high but it is volatile. Important decisions or spiritual events may make news now.

Saturn void in Aquarius
Formalities are the rule; traditions are maintained. Groups of old friends, family, and comrades assemble to remember the past. Conservatism rules; experiments fail. At this time leaders are under pressure and laws are put into effect. Itís a time for staying with tradition and not experimenting with new forms of social behaviors. The past triumphs.

Applying Uranus Sextile Neptune
Social movements that are ideologically driven make news by inciting episodes. Systems and structures collapse or weaken.

Neptune void in Pisces
Trends are unclear. Not everything is known, there is much to suspect. The fabric of reality seems to be ripped asunder. Faith in leadership is low. Social and economic conditions are unstable and subject to devaluations. The future looks uncertain and no one is taking any chances. Beliefs about reality are challenged. Some feel overwhelmed, even flooded, literally and figuratively.

Applying Pluto Sextile Neptune
This is a time of important developments on an international and trans-cultural level. Typical events include challenges to governments and the beginnings of new cultural movements.