Thank You for your interest in our unique Astro-Weather feature.

The astrological weather you see below is constantly changing. The interpretation of the applying moon below can change several times a day, and the interpretation of the Sun changes daily. Other planets change less often.

These 'applying' aspects listed below are the aspects which are still coming into being, they are the next aspects to happen. These applying aspects are thought to have the most powerful influence on the current moment. If a planet is not going to make another aspect before it moves into a new sign, then that planet is said to be 'void' and it's effect is of diminished importance for the time being. Except for the moon, void planets are not listed below.

Be sure to come back and consult this page when you need advice on whether the time is right to begin your important undertakings.


Here is the Current Astro Chart:

May 25 2016
4:39 PM Time Zone is EDT
New York,NY

Applying Sun Square Neptune
Leaders may be hard to understand now as they struggle with decision-making. Resignations, scandals, and other uncertain conditions make this a difficult time to make accurate predictions. There may be some changes and difficulties in artistic and religious circles now also.

Applying Moon Square Uranus
This transit brings temporary upsets in the flow of events. Moods may be unstable and changeable now. Expect the unusual and the unexpected. Social conditions may be awkward and inconvenient.

Applying Mercury Trine Pluto
Challenging words are spoken and agendas for change are announced. It’s a good time for intelligence- gathering operations and other secret matters.

Applying Venus Conjunct Sun
If Venus is retrograde, this is an inferior conjunction of Sun and Venus. Social conditions may be intense now and people may act impulsively. Establishment leaders may fall or be struck down in some way. If Venus is moving direct, then this is the superior conjunction. Concessions, agreements and “swaps,” cooperation between individuals and groups, good will, visits, and the resolution of differences may be prominent themes now. It’s a time for meetings, social activities, and relationships.

Mars void in Sagittarius
Individual actions stimulate progressive movement or panic. Risks are run that favor the one over the many. Personal survival comes before group cooperation. This is a time for collective ventilation through sports or through some other kind of competition. A good fight is what’s needed. Leaders take actions, make decisions, and implement repairs. Constructive activities become more focused and detailed.

Applying Jupiter Trine Pluto
This may be a time of new leadership, mergers, efforts at sharing power and wealth, and the expansion of communication links around the world. In many areas, this transit will stimulate the revising of existing codes and guidelines, and the urge to plan anew.

Applying Saturn Square Jupiter
Social and political crises, and even an economic recession, may arise under this transit. Economic issues get much attention and political solutions come only after much agony. Crucial decisions on security and boundary issues need to be made now, but consensus is hard to reach.

Uranus void in Aries
Actions are unconventional, radical, or surprising. Not everyone agrees on how things should go, therefore there is discord within groups. Others, who have a specific agenda, persevere to make their point despite fierce opposition. Social conditions are volatile now. The bottom could fall out. It’s a time for experimentation and deviant behaviors. Sudden, unusual, and disruptive conditions occur now that reveal deep inequalities in society and culture.

Neptune void in Pisces
Trends are unclear. Not everything is known, there is much to suspect. The fabric of reality seems to be ripped asunder. Faith in leadership is low. Social and economic conditions are unstable and subject to devaluations. The future looks uncertain and no one is taking any chances. Beliefs about reality are challenged. Some feel overwhelmed, even flooded, literally and figuratively.

Applying Pluto Sextile Neptune
This is a time of important developments on an international and trans-cultural level. Typical events include challenges to governments and the beginnings of new cultural movements.